biNu Facebook Messenger

biNu Facebook Messenger 4.2.1

Get Facebook Chat on your mobile phone


  • Smart, mobile-optimized user interface
  • Supports Facebook in multiple languages
  • Displays messages as well as chats
  • Includes access to other BiNu features and services


  • Long-winded setup process
  • You need to manually refresh to see replies


biNu Facebook Messenger allows you to access Facebook Chat to talk with your friends via your mobile phone.

The application comes as part of a bundle of tools from BiNu (games, news, sports, BiNu social and a full Facebook client, to name a few). To access biNu Facebook Messenger simply click on the icon that appears on the main screen when you launch the app (it's in the top-left).

How to fix biNu Facebook Messenger login problems

Setting up biNu Facebook Messenger can be a bit fiddly depending on what type of Java-enabled phone you have. You need to sign in with your Facebook account details, then agree to allow BiNu to access certain Facebook data.

Unfortunately, on some phones the button to do accept the Facebook terms is disabled. There is a workaround though, which is explained in the biNu Facebook Messenger help section. This involves visiting the BiNu Facebook emulator and accepting the conditions from there, before refreshing the login page in biNu Facebook Messenger.

What can you do with biNu Facebook Messenger?

The main purpose of biNu Facebook Messenger is to allow you to easily use Facebook Chat on your phone. You can see which of your friends are currently online, search for friends by name, or list all friends. A contact's status is indicated by a green circle if they are online.

To start a chat with biNu Facebook Messenger, simply tap on the person's name you want to talk with and type your message then click send. The other person will get this message straight away and can reply instantly. Unfortunately, receiving chat messages isn't always instant, and often you will need to press the 'Refresh' button to see their messages.

Besides the Facebook Chat function, biNu Facebook Messenger gives you access to your message inbox, allowing to view, send and receive messages.

A handy feature of biNu Facebook Messenger is the ability to get an SMS message every time someone sends you a Facebook message.

How does biNu Facebook Messenger perform?

biNu Facebook Messenger is pretty easy to use. It has a phone-optimized user interface which includes shortcut keys so that you can access options very quickly.

Message delivery seems quick enough, although obviously it depends on the speed of your mobile data connection.

biNu Facebook Messenger is a handy Facebook Chat client for feature phones, which lets you send instant messages relatively painlessly. Unfortunately it can be a bit of a pain to set up, though.

biNu Facebook Messenger


biNu Facebook Messenger 4.2.1

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